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6 Week Transformation Plan

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6 Week Transformation Training Plan

Be pushed beyond your comfort zone and get the results you have dreamed of!
Our Transformation package will change you and the way you live your life. Training, recovery, food, sleep, and overall activity levels- we keep our finger on your pulse throughout and work with you to get sustainable results.

Training Sessions

We will create a plan which consists of the right blend of high-intensity training sessions delivered three times a week for 45-minutes per week.


Food is vital for fueling the body and helping you achieve your goal. One hour per month of nutritional coaching will help to make sure you stay on track.

Tracking & Analysis

Using a FitBit we will remotely monitor your exercise, sleep patterns and heart rate allowing us to get a full view of your lifestyle & activity levels outside of the gym.


As part of your personal plan, we additionally blend in 30 minute Sports Massage sessions every two weeks to aid recovery and keep you training at your best.

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6 Week Personal Training Plan & Support

At the start of the programme, you will receive 1 hour of physical, postural and functional assessment. We then issue you with the latest fitness and activity tracker to wear over the course of your programme. This tracker will provide us with an in-session and remote monitoring so that we can analyse progress and adjust accordingly.

We will add our smarts to the data and use it to motivate you while you are not with us. And know that we will be watching- it is about what you do when you are not with us as much as when you are.

Combine that with just the right blend of high-intensity personal training sessions, restorative massage, nutritional coaching, and more motivation than you can shake a stick at- your world will not be the same again.

Make the Move

Sign up and receive a complimentary activity tracker (Fitbit Charge HR) for use for the duration of the programme- and yours to keep after it is done!

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We invite you to come along to the Nordic Balance Club for an exclusive tour of the facilities and to
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