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Bike Fit Cycling Analysis

In-depth analysis to help you improve cycling comfort, efficiency and performance.
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Bike Fit Cycling Analysis, St James

Take your cycling to the next level with Nordic Balance Bike Fit Cycling Analysis. If you are looking to take your indoor training to the next level then look no further than Bike Fit, the latest way to ride smarter.

Our Bike Fit Cycling Analysis will provide you with up-to-date information on your cycling efficiency and technique. Using the Watt Bike, (the only training bike endorsed by British Cycling) we will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your peddling technique, along with correct measurement of your power, cadence, leg balance and heart rate.

Five tests are included in the first assessment, including; Five-second neuromuscular power, one-minute anaerobic power, five-minute VO2 max, 20-minute functional threshold power, pedalling technique and balance, angle-to-force peak.

Armed with this essential information, we will create a bespoke fitness plan that details improvements to your technique, along with your endurance and speed, three crucial elements for any cyclist.

We combine the knowledge and skills of our team to provide you with a programme that is right for you. This level of testing is so specific that you will learn how much power each leg generates and how efficient you are as a cyclist during the entire cycling stroke, enabling the team to find and correct any muscular or postural imbalances.

Improve Sprint Speed

As part of our assessment, we will look at everything from your diet, to alignment and technique to help you identify key areas for improving your cycling speed.

Improve Endurance

We analyse how much power each leg generates and how efficiently you are cycling to identify any imbalances and areas for improvement.

Tailored Programme

Armed with this essential information, we will create a bespoke fitness plan that details improvements to your technique, your endurance and speed.

Analysis of Technique

Our expert team will provide you with key insights, backed up with data to help you push closer towards your goals and become a stronger more confident cyclist.

Nordic Balance Bike Fit Cycling Analysis

Bike Fit Analysis £125 for 1.5 Hour Session.
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Please note that you do not need to be a member of our gym or the In and Out, to be able to train with our trainers. We welcome everybody and all goals.

Alessandro Alviani

I was born and raised in Italy and have been active since my very first years. Along with swimming, skiing, snowboarding and skating, I love playing tennis and keeping fit in the gym. I'm especially passionate about strength and conditioning training -  it all started when I was still very young, and soon I decided to turn my passion into my day job. I did my studies, and began working as a Personal Trainer in 2004. Over the last 10 years…

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Aliz Radek-Mills

I am originally from Hungary and moved to London in 2006. Fitness and dance have always been part of my life. During my university years I competed in Ballroom and Latin-American dances, which later on developed into a passion for Salsa.I spent many years as a marketing manager after moving to London, but in 2012 something changed. I had the desire to expand my horizons and I decided to go on an 18 month backpacking trip around the world. This…

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Ott-Erik Kalmus

Ott-Erik (we just call him Erik) is an experienced and knowledgeable personal trainer from Estonia. His main speciality was strength sports at university, which gave Erik a good background to continue his career as a personal trainer. Studying in the university gave him a very deep understanding of how the human body and its physiological systems work. In addition, Erik knows how to apply science and individual differences into his training. He also finds scientific and research work very interesting…

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Josephine Urry

Exercise has always been a vital part of my life competing as an elite gymnast for the past twelve years. Post graduating from uni with a degree in business management it became evident my passion was and always will be within the health and fitness industry. I take pride in every programme, ensuring a tailored periodised plan. I have had the privilege of training a multitude of individuals with goals ranging from competing for sport internationally, reducing the risk of…

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Simon White

From a young age, I have been very active with a passion for sport and fitness and I went on to play a range of sports at a competitive level including football, swimming, volleyball and athletics. Motivated and enthusiastic, I thrive on assisting people to reach their targets drawing on the 10 years experience I have in the industry. Since receiving my diploma in personal training, sports massage therapy and Nutrition I have continued my studies and consider myself a…

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If you are fed up of missing your much-loved cycling experience during the winter months or are worried about reaching your fitness peak before a race, then book in for an assessment at Nordic Balance, St James's.

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