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I have always been passionate about body movement especially ballet and gymnastics. I discovered Pilates in 2005 and I have been practising Pilates ever since. In 2012, I decided to transform my passion into teaching, so that I could help people to improve their postures, to develop the ability to move more freely, powerfully, and without pain, and to feel better about themselves.   I trained with Pilates foundation, one of the first Pilates schools established in London, which is well known for its holistic approach emphasizing the clinical benefits of Pilates which include rehabilitation as well as physical work out. I try to ensure my clients are mind-body connected which is an important aspect of Pilates practice. My clients’ safety is important to me.   I like to incorporate the use of small equipment in my teaching, which clients really enjoy. For example: the magic circle, foam roller, dynabands, and mini-stability balls. I like to give a challenging class to my clients making sure they keep in mind the important principles of Pilates which include slow, precise movement and an emphasis on controlled breathing. I regularly participate in Pilates workshops and classes to continually update my knowledge and convey these benefits to my clients. Pilates is for everybody!


  • 1 year Mat work teacher training, Pilates Foundation, London
  • Fletcher Pilates Magic Circle Certificate
  • Fletcher Pilates Ped-I-Pull Pilates Certificate
  • Hip Replacement workshop
  • First Aid - First and second level
  • Pre and Post natal Pilates Certificate
  • Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology, City Lit, London
  • Body Movement with Music, City Lit, London
Marta Maroni
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