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Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

Linn is a Norwegian Sports & Exercise Nutritionist, PT and strength coach, and handball player located in London, UK. Her strong passion for passing on knowledge and helping the individual in front of her is part of her personality. The road to becoming a trainer started out with handball injuries and hours in the gym trying to sort them out. Handball trainer at a young age and a 2-year teaching job gave her valuable experience in communication skills and how to reach people with different learning needs. From there she went on to complete the Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor certification in Oslo before embarking on a 5-year integrated MSc in Clinical Nutrition. After 3 years she is now on a leave to pursue her passion for Sport. The previous year she worked with the Danish Men’s Lacrosse National Team guiding them on strength and conditioning as well as nutrition ahead of and during the European Championships. As a former team member herself, working with athletes, and team sport in particular, motivated her to take the leap Across the Pond to London. After an interesting year of research into the ergogenic effects of caffeine on strength performance, Linn is now a Sports Nutritionist and Personal Trainer working with athletes as well as gym goers. No goal is too little or too big.


  • MSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition, Middlesex University London (2017)
  • Ongoing: ISSN diploma in Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition, Guru Performance
  • Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, Active Education and University College of Hedmark (2012)
Linn Risvang
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