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The one consistent through Chris’s life has been an active pursuit of a positive lifestyle, and a fascination with movement and its outcomes on all things that make people different, both mentally and physically. He was involved in sports (specifically in tennis, running, football) from a very early age, and always found himself in the position of adviser/motivator to others, specifically in order to help them improve themselves. This role struck a chord with him and personal training became the role of his heart and mind in 2009.

His training methodology is very precise and should always be specific to your desired outcome. Every session should be a reminder of this and so he’ll help you understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. He likes to combine a range of movement types, drawing inspiration from the diverse worlds of strength and conditioning, functional movement and Pilates, often with a very specific focus. The way he trains is different to many others but he loves to provide training which is unique- you’ll be working hard, but not in the way you have before!


  • NASM Health and Fitness Coach
  • NASM International Certified Personal Trainer
  • UKSCA Foundation Certificate in Strength & Conditioning
  • Ten Reformer Pilates Academy
Chris Fernandes
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Personal Training, Pilates

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