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Our multi-disciplinary team combines over 100 years of experience, and can work with you from acute injury, right through to training for an event (and everything in between). Work across our team to get training which is focussed and tailored to your needs, and most importantly which adapts to you as your life changes.

Alessandro Alviani

Personal trainer extraordinaire

Amazing Alessandro- our personal trainer extraordinaire brings over 14 years of experience, and is known to deliver sessions where you'll sweat and smile in equal measures!

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Aliz Radek-Mills

Personal Trainer Extraordinaire

Aliz’s training methods are based on Lifestyle Moves; meaning that she focuses on moves that aim to strengthen muscles that you use in your everyday life. She loves squats in every variation and as she loves the ‘journey’. She will take you to places you have never been before!

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Andy Mansfield


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Burcu Burcu (BB)

Pilates Teacher

Originally from Istanbul, Burcu has completed pilates certification programmes at all levels and she has been teaching one to one and group classes since 2011. She studied with Balanced Body, one of the leading training course in Pilates, and Alan Herdman who is a direct student of Joseph Pilates.

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Chris Fernandes

Personal Trainer

Chris is a super experienced Personal Trainer known for giving varied, interesting, tough (but fun!) workouts.

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Jack Lidyard

Podiatrist and Chiropodist

Jack is a Podiatrist and Chiropodist who qualified over 10 years ago, and has experience treating patients of all ages whether at risk or just seeking accurate clinical advice. Jack specialises in Orthotic intervention, Nail Surgery and the Medical Pedicure.

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Jean-Vincent Michel

Head Physiotherapist

The head of our physiotherapy world. JV can work with you no matter the issue...

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Jelka Milic

Iyengar Yoga teacher

Jelka is an amazing Iyenar Yoga teacher, having qualified in 2009.

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Jo Meyer

Super Director, Amazing Trainer (and even better mum!)

Super Director, Amazing Trainer (and even better mum!)

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Laura Gray

Sports Therapist & Pilates Teacher

Sports Therapy, Sports Massage, Dry Needling and Pilates- Laura uses a holistic approach to wellness and can help you get over your injuries.

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Liz Peck

Yoga teacher (and new mom too!)

Liz is a yoga teacher and personal trainer with a difference! Combining the worlds of Yoga, Personal Training and Rehabilitation, Liz is known for giving focused, tailored and delicately crafted sessions which help her clients reach and exceed their goals.

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Magda Slawinska

Health Club Manager and Personal Trainer

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Ott-Erik Kalmus

Strength & Conditioning Coach and Personal Trainer

Erik is our in-house strength and conditioning expert, powerlifter extraordinaire and all-round nice guy!

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Paul Carless


Paul is a highly experienced Chiropractor and is passionate about being a healthcare provider. He strives to ensure that all patients get the care they need for their individual injuries, and every treatment plan is dedicated to the individual along with updates to benefit the patient.

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Pierre Meyer

(No-one really knows what he does!)

No-one really knows what Pierre does, but he does like to push buttons. He can also wield a screw-driver, although is more of a liability than anything else!

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Simon White

Our Head Trainer and Nutritionist

Simon has more experience than you can shake a stick at and can work with you if you're 7 to 70

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We invite you to come along to the Nordic Balance Club for an exclusive tour of the facilities and to
discuss your health goals with our expert team.

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