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We're with you for life.

Our integrated approach to fitness helps you to make fitness a way of life. As your life changes, so our training and what we can do with you changes.
By working across our team of experts and crucially, having our team of experts work together to help you, you get what you need most at that time of your life.
By being able to offer a breadth of options from gym membership to swimming pool and Fast Lane, squash court, small group classes and 1-2-1 training, we can help you whatever your budget and goals.
Live a healthier lifeTrain with one of our Functional Fitness Specialists, or why not make Yoga a part of your life? Try either a 1-2-1 session or attend one of our group classes, allowing our teachers to get hands-on and develop your practice, keeping you balanced and centered.

Our Nutritional Specialists can work with you on your diet, using the latest technology and good-old fashioned perseverance to help you to make a change. Dive into our pool for a relaxing swim, or work up a sweat on our squash court.

Best For You:

Train with a trainer, yoga classes, nutritional coaching
Get in shapeJoin our gym and make use of everything on offer. Work up a sweat on our cardio equipment, hit the weights (free and resistance), dive into the pool and use our Fast Lane, or even chase a little black ball on our squash court. Join any of our small group classes, where our teachers will get hands-on and help you reach your goals.

Work with our team of trainers, who'll collaborate to help you get in shape. We'll measure and record and encourage and cajole to help make you as good as you can be.

Best For You:

Hit the gym, train with a trainer, do some classes, hit the pool or play some squash.
RehabilitationWhatever your stage of injury, whether it be chronic or less severe, we can work with you. Start with our Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Chiropractor and seamlessly integrate our Sports Therapist, moving onto our Injury Rehabilitation Specialist or Clinical Pilates Teacher. Our goal is to get you healthy and able bodied, and our integrated approach means our team works together to help you achieve this.

Attend our small group classes tailored to rehabilitation, including mat-based Pilates and Iyengar yoga.

Dive into our swimming pool for the ultimate in hydrotherapy, using our Fast Lane to help build your strength.

Best For You:

Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Sports Therapy, Pilates and Iyengar classes, Hydrotherapy
Training for an eventTrain with one of team of highly skilled trainers, or work across 2 or 3 at the same time. Each has specialized in a specific area and collaborate to provide you with training that's tailored to you and your goals. Get swimming fit in our pool, using our Fast Lane to build endurance, improve your stroke and get more efficient. Try our Watt Bike and work with our Bike Fitness expert to improve your cycling biomechanics.

Attend our small group classes aimed at building fitness and strength, including HIIT, Taboga, Nordic Blast Class and more. Build your functional fitness and mobility by attending our Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga classes, or build core strength in our mat-based Pilates classes.

Best For You:

Train with a trainer, Bike Fitness testing, Gait Analysis, small group fitness classes, Sports Massage

Your Exclusive Invitation

We invite you to come along to the Nordic Balance Club for an exclusive tour of the facilities and to
discuss your health goals with our expert team.

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