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How can Pilates help you?


Pilates should be an essential part of everyone’s training regime, whether you’re a gym-goer or you participate in recreational sports.

Below are the top 5 reasons why Pilates can work for you, no matter what your sport of choice:



1. Injury prevention

Pilates realigns muscle imbalances and weaknesses as it works the body as a whole. Moves are designed to strengthen weak muscles and improve mobility and flexibility in areas often ignored by other forms of exercise. This can help to avoid situations whereby particular areas of the body become over-dominant, exposing others to the danger of injury due to under-development.

Unilateral movements in Pilates mean that the body responds more efficiently during sports training and exercise.


2. Improved Core Strength

The term ‘core strength’ is frequently used in gym programmes. Pilates guarantees that core muscles are worked efficiently as all of the moves challenge the core stabilizer muscles whilst maintaining the pelvis in the correct position. This principle can then be transferred to other forms of exercise which removes the element of guesswork from the movements that you’re making. Improved core strength also helps to protect the spine during exercise such as free weights, squats etc.


3. Body Awareness

Learning the main principles of Pilates such as shoulder stabilization  neutral spine and pelvis, engaged core muscles and correct breathing, will transfer into all areas of sport and exercise. These are fundamental building blocks upon which all other forms of training can be built on.


4. Improved Posture

Pilates is designed to improve the back and posture which will not only assist in the gym but in all areas of your lifestyle. This is particularly important for those with sedentary jobs who spend the majority of their working day sat at a desk or on a train as incorrect training can potentially cause problems associated with this lifestyle, to become worse and longstanding.


5. Sports Specific Pilates

Sports men and women and elite athletes all over the world are now incorporating Pilates into their training programmes for the benefits that it can offer. Pilates programmes can be tailor-made to suit your specific area of training, focusing on common areas of weakness and muscles prone to injury associated with that particular sport. Sports people are also using dynamic Pilates such as advanced mat work and reformer work to greatly improve strength and movement.


Give it a go?

In a nutshell, one or more sessions of Pilates per week can greatly improve everyone’s training regime – no matter whether you’re a regular gym goer, an elite athlete or a relative novice that enjoys participating in recreational sports. Pilates can help protect against injury both during sport and in everyday life. So why not give it a go and see what it can do for you.

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