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Get Back on track with 360 Degree Running Analysis

Injuries can be devastating to anyone, whether in the sporting field or not. Those that have suffered them will be well aware of the constant and lasting disruption they put on your life. Plenty of exercise routines do exist to help those affected get back into action, but it is vital that you understand your injury and the repair process before further steps are taken.

It’s not just those that have suffered injuries that can encounter difficulties either. For those training for an event, it is important that their gait and overall running style decreases the risk of injury and that can also help increase their performance.

Nordic Balance’s 360 Degree Running Analysis programme uses treadmill analysis and flexibility tests to examine each individual clients’ situation and determine the best course of action. Their experts understand their clients’ issues, and take the time to understand where and how injuries have occurred, or what the clients’ specific goals are.

Through treadmill analysis, Nordic Balance’s trainers film the client’s gait and perform tests at different speeds and at different levels of muscle fatigue to fully examine the issues at hand, whilst flexibility tests look at the different areas of flexibility that could have an effect on the client’s posture or pain levels.

Working in partnership with renowned Harley Street Podiatrists The Gait and Posture Clinic, and using the latest technology available, Nordic Balance’s trainers are able to analyse everything from a client’s gait, to their posture, technique, shoes and any muscular imbalances that they may have. The system has been developed with everyone in mind, from competitive runners to casual walkers, those suffering long or short term injuries, and for those training for an event.


Joanna Meyer, Director and Advanced Personal Trainer at Nordic Balance, explains more:


“Our 360 Degree Running Analysis provides you with a fully comprehensive view of your overall body health, in order to help you properly recover from an injury and minimise the risk of reoccurring issues, or to improve your general running or walking performance.

It is highly important to ensure full recover from an injury in order to prevent further damage, and this can only be done with correct analysis of the injury, identifying precisely what has happened and how it can be righted. Every injury is different, so each case should be treated individually and given its own care and attention – that’s why at Nordic Balance, we ensure you will receive as much information as possible in order to begin on the road to recovery.”


Nordic Balance’s 360 Degree Running Analysis costs just £50, including full assessment and reporting with course of action, and takes around 30 minutes. Clients are required to wear shorts/tights/running leggings and their normal running trainers. It is recommended men be topless and women wear a running bra for the test, but tight tops can be worn if clients would prefer.

To book in, click this link or call the office on 0207 827 5735.

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