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COVID-19: Creating a Safe Space for Treatments

COVID-19: Creating a Safe Space for Treatments

By Nordic Balance

In line with government recommendations, we have now reopened our clinic on Abbeville Road (SW4) and St James’s (SW1) offering appointment-only services including Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Podiatry & Physiotherapy.


If you are covered by a health insurer, please contact us first before making an appointment.


Our Doors Are Open & It’s Safe to Come in!


Our clinics and processes have been updated and are fully compliant with all current health & safety recommendations.




Our therapists will be sporting the latest in PPE, including smocks, gloves (where appropriate), masks and full-face visors. As part of additional hygiene measures all our uniforms are steamed by hand each day and are only worn in the clinic.




We have re-educated our whole team, who have completed a course in Infection Prevention & Control set out by Public Health England.




To ensure that social distancing is maintained, we’ll be staggering the start and finish times for appointments. On arrival, patients will be asked to wait outside or until the lobby is cleared, when the receptionist will invite you in and then direct you through to your therapist.




We have rearranged the reception area and fitted hand sanitizer at the entrance for your use. Upon arrival, you’ll take a quick survey to ensure that you are not feeling unwell or been in contact with anyone who has presented symptoms.




Anti-bacterial dispensers and wipes have been installed in every room. After each appointment, our team will conduct a thorough wipe down of all surfaces and of course, vigorously wash their hands.


Online Physiotherapy & Telephone Consultations


We will also continue to offer an initial telephone triage and online remote consultations. Our remote sessions have proved to be very effective are also approved by most UK health insurance companies.


We look forward to helping you return to full health.

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