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How to Get Fit for Ski Season

If you are someone who can’t wait for the temperature to drop so that you can hit the slopes, you may be thinking about how to get fit for ski season.  Because the majority of us only ski a few months of the year, and because skiing involves so many muscle groups, it can take […]

29th October 2019

Practising Yoga Asanas – Helpful Points

With over 300 positions in the physical yoga practice, being a beginner is not easy.  With these helpful points to bear in mind when practising yoga asanas, you’ll be starting off on the right path.   Helpful Points When Practising Yoga Asanas   Even just stepping onto the mat can be a trigger for emotions […]

25th September 2019

How Pilates Can Improve Your Life

Pilates can help you improve all aspects of your life, from physical health and well-being to mental health. In this article, we delve into the benefits of Pilates and how, with regular practice, you can alleviate stress, build core strength and avoid injuries from everyday activities and sports.   How Pilates Relieves Stress   Pilates […]

2nd September 2019

How to Recognise and Improve Bad Posture

‘Don’t slouch!’ But good posture is about more than just appearance.  Being able to recognise and improve bad posture will have a positive effect on your health and overall well being.  Your posture is linked to your mood, improving your digestive system and boosting your confidence.  Sitting or standing in the correct posture can help […]

22nd August 2019

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