Personal Trainer

Exercise has always been a vital part of my life competing as an elite gymnast for the past twelve years. Post graduating from uni with a degree in business management it became evident my passion was and always will be within the health and fitness industry.

I take pride in every programme, ensuring a tailored periodised plan. I have had the privilege of training a multitude of individuals with goals ranging from competing for sport internationally, reducing the risk of systemic concerns and conditions to weight loss, de-stressing and rehabilitation from injury.

Personally, there is no greater reward in assisting others to improve themselves either physically, emotionally or physiologically. No challenge is too great, we all need to start somewhere, and that’s the biggest step.


  • Advanced Diploma in Personal Training
  • High-Intensity Interval Training
  • Behaviour Change for Exercise
  • Suspension Fitness
  • Padwork
  • Exercise to Music
  • Clinical Consultation
  • First Class Honours Business Management (BSC
Josephine Urry

My specialisms

Personal Training High Intensity Interval Training Behaviour Change for Exercise Suspension Fitness Padwork

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