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Our team of specialists have come together to give you expert tips, guidance and opinions across a wide variety of topics. Read on for information on topics like wellbeing, mental health, nutrition, sports rehabilitation, training, injuries and more!

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May 15th 2020

Benefits of Foam Rolling Where & How to Use a Foam Roller

The strong benefits of foam rolling strong have become widely accepted Now a staple in training programs worldwide from elite sports teams who use it as part of their warm-up before every training session to individuals who just want to use it to improve flexibility or relieve pain from high...


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Featured Articles

May 12th 2020

COVID-19: Creating a Safe Space for Treatments

In line with government recommendations we have now partially reopened our clinic on span style text-decoration underline span style color ff text-decoration underline a style color ff text-decoration underline href https abbeville nordicbalance co uk therapies appointments Abbeville Road SW a span span We are offering an appointment only service...



April 23rd 2020

Supporting NHS Staff with Live Fitness Classes & Physiotherapy Sessions

strong Free live online classes and physiotherapy sessions for all NHS staff strong nbsp Each day thousands of nurses doctors and health care professionals across the United Kingdom are working tirelessly to beat the COVID- virus and save lives All with the knowledge that they are risking their own wellbeing...


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April 9th 2020

What is Plyometric Training & How to Incorporate it into Your Training

Firstly let's clarify exactly what Plyometric Training is Plyometric training also known as jump training or plyos and are a group of exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time with the goal of increasing power em ref Wiki em nbsp Originating in Eastern Europe most...


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