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Improve your performance

Our strength and conditioning training encompasses all aspects of fitness necessary to improve performance, with the objective of getting you into peak physical shape for competitions or events.

Strength and conditioning is not simply about lifting weights, but involves a holistic approach to improving numerous physical fitness parameters. Dependant on your specific requirements and those of your sport, a program may include elements of speed and agility, endurance, core stability, strength and power training. Training tools may include traditional weight training, plyometrics and explosive Olympic lifting, SAQ and sports specific movements.

Based on needs analysis and guided by technical, medical and scientific input a bespoke program will be developed in order to meet your performance goals. Our trainers will continuously monitor and evaluate improvements in physical performance factors in order to ensure transfer into improved sports performance.


Increase speed
Increase endurance
Improve your performance

Programme benefits

  • Increase speed
  • Improve endurance
  • Training tailored to your goals
  • Periodised programmes
  • Constant measurement and analysis