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Your first step towards being pain free

Nordic Balance offers an integrated approach to health and wellness. Our Physiotherapists and Osteopaths can work with you, from acute injury through to exercise rehabilitation.

We commonly treat issues like a sore back and neck, acute headaches and migraines, joint and muscular pain, sports injuries, pre and post natal and much more.

We’re also recognised by all Health Insurance companies so it couldn’t be easier to start to deal with your pain.

Take the first step towards being pain free- get in touch today.


Covered by all health insurance companies
Treatment of sports injuries
Relief from chronic pain

Programme benefits

  • Covered by all health insurance companies
  • Relief from chronic pain
  • Treatment of back and neck pain
  • Treatment of young to the old
  • Pre and post-natal care
  • Relief of joint or muscular pain
  • Treatment of sports injuries
  • Relief from recurring headaches
Natural Therapies
Nordic Balance Physiotherapy can play an integral part in the prevention and management of all sports and day-to-day injuries. We work with all major health insurance companies.
Nordic Balance Osteopathy is covered by all health insurance companies and can treat a variety of conditions including neck or back pain, joint or muscular pain,