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A fast and effective route to pain relief

Dry Needling provides a fast effective route to pain relief, through the use of fine needles inserted into trigger points in muscles. The needles penetrate deep into knots of muscles, to relieve tension and increase blood flow to the region. They can hit stubborn knots with precision, even when the source of pain seems to be buried so deep as to be inaccessible to massage. Relaxing these trigger points can release long held pain. Because of their exact anatomical location on nerve pathways, they can also reach the roots of referred pain in, for example, whiplash or tension headaches.


We can offer Dry Needling on its own, or as a component of osteopathy, physiotherapy or chiropractic treatments. Because the needles are so fine, they cause very little pain but can be a little intense for 24-48 hours after treatment. For those patients who don’t like needles, we can offer trigger point massage. This is delivered by our sports therapist, and has rather milder effect than the needles. Although it can take longer to achieve success than acupuncture, trigger point massage can also be effective in pain relief, and it has the advantage that patients can be taught how to find and stimulate their own trigger points, to massage themselves.


Effective relief from pain
Compliments existing treatment

Programme benefits

  • Fast and effective pain relief
  • Relieve tension
  • Increase blood flow
  • Can help to deal with tension headaches
Dry Needling

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