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Wow, until I signed up for the In and Out sessions at Nordic Balance I had no idea how much could be achieved in half an hour. I’m something of an exercise fiend, so it’s credit to the team at Nordic Balance that I found each and every session a challenge. I learnt new techniques […]

Liz Newman, Fabric Magazine

The Nordic Balance team offer the full package when it comes to blitzing your fitness levels, flexibility and, most importantly your waistline! The team is small so it feels like everyone, from the yoga teacher to the personal trainers is clued up on your progress and goals. The Body Refurb package never lets you get […]

Lydia Mansi (The Resident Magazine)

Personal Trainers London

Personal trainers London don't just resculpt fat in to muscle, create fat-free stomachs and chisel mere mortals in to god like creatures no...That's a very big part of it of course but our London Personal trainers are here to get you in better physical health and shape than before you started. A healthy body is happier body....

If you want to change the way you look and feel and regular dieting just isn't cutting the fat then consult one of our London personal trainers to discuss your personal fitness goals on 020 7827 5757.

Sports Massage London

We are one of the leading London sports massage therapy teams providing sports massage in London. Everyone at some point suffers from pain, be it neck pain, back pain, sports injury or injury at work.

But not all pain or injuries will heal themselves and sometimes we need help from a pain specialist to help relieve the aches and pains.

Sports Massage therapy is the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of soft tissues of the body including musicales, tendons and ligaments. Find out more about how Sports Massage can help you...

Pilates & Yoga London

Our Pilates Classes in London and Yoga classes in London as specifically designed to take you out of the City environment. Allowing you to clear your thoughts of the working day and to focus on your wellbeing. We have many types of pilates classes and yoga classes available to suit all levels of experience.
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